The area of ​​surgery (specialty coloproctology / visceral surgery) is occupied in our center by Prof. Dr. med. Hünerbein, chief physician in the surgery department at the Oranienburg clinic.

Surgery at the IBBZ is geared towards the treatment of general surgical and surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity (visceral surgery) and the pelvic floor. Their spectrum includes interventions on the small and large intestines, the treatment of all types of fractures between the diaphragm and groin as well as clarification of unclear abdominal findings but also proctological diseases.

Most operations are mainly performed using minimally invasive methods.
The range of services also includes major operations up to complete removal of the stomach and colon as well as cancer operations on other organ systems, some of which are minimally invasive.

As a certified colon cancer center, we surgeons work in a team with numerous cooperation partners inside and outside the house with the aim of providing the affected patients with all-encompassing, highly qualified and efficient therapy according to current standards.

— Prof. Dr. med. Michael Hünerbein
CA and head of the Oranienburg Surgical Clinic